64 pages

Published by PhotoNORTH


Left Right Left - Craig Ames

  • 100% of sales for this book on this site will be donated to The British Red Cross, who are curently supporting Ukranian refugees.  

  • "It is tempting to consider Ames's work in 'Left Right Left' as a documentary account, a fly-on-the-wall exposé, in time-honoured fashion; one of those rare glimpses into an institutionalised world where, through the process of representation, bleak everyday routine becomes a kind of bizarre ritual. But Ames's work is much more than this, because in each image we find the photographer gazing into the mirror of his own past experience... In taking this journey into his past Ames has given us a very personal, but also entirely honest and uncompromising picture of what it is like to be a young soldier in the British Army today."

    David Chandler

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