A special signed limited edition set of 30 plates, in a black A5 presentation box, with a G.F.Smith factory yellow, matrix embossed insert and ebony belly band. This is a limited edition of 50 copies with 2 APs.


Masked: A Portrait of Amazon - Tristan Poyser

  • After 17 years of self-employed independence as a photographer, COVID 19 led Tristan Poyser to work nights as an Amazon Associate in an Amazon warehouse in North West England. He quickly realised that this was an opportunity to make work in a new environment and he was subsequently commissioned by Historic England.

    Masked is a social documentary of the COVID 19 Pandemic. The full project records a typology of 136 masked portraits of Amazon associates from over 25 different nationalities. Some had worked at Amazon for as little as two days, others as long four years. Each was asked to write down two ways they had been affected personally by the Pandemic and by Lockdown. These ranged from missing the gym, to the death of close family members from COVID. The decision to incorporate and document participants' thoughts and feelings gives control of the narrative back to the individual participants and offers a different agenda to that of the media and of politicians, creating a record of people in their own words.

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