Ames' interest in photography began when he undertook training to become an Evidence Photographer whilst serving as a combat soldier in the British Army in Northern Ireland.  Documenting terrorist scenes-of-crime and chronicling his day-to-day experiences of 'the troubles' proved to be the catalyst for developing his fascination with the medium. 

Developing a wide-range of visual strategies, Ames offers alternative understandings of conflict and systems of control - as well as their broader implications - that seek to question established conventions. 

Collectively, his early work draws heavily from his personal experience of his time in the military.  Whilst much of this work can be viewed as autobiographical, Ames’ practice also encompass his wider research interests, particularly contemporary representations of conflict and the military. 

Working in collaboration with British Armed Forces veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, (alongside veterans' organisations and charities) he has also explored the 'unseen' consequences of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His attentions have also focussed on the commodification of contemporary conflict by both civilian communities and military institutions.  

More recently, his work has returned to the home-front in response to Brexit and the rise of nationalist ideologies.  Responding to a range of themes, (including bias in AI data-sets and scrutinising those who wield political power) a number of new projects are currently in production and should be completed in early/mid 2020.    


‘13 Rembrandts’ (Presented in augmented reality) 

The Wrong Biennale: Sunderland Pavilion

Sunderland (2019-2020) 

‘Kill Zones’ 

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (Collections Space)

Sunderland (2019) 

‘Hidden Civil War’ 

NewBridge Gallery

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2016) 

'Gimme Shelter: Forts & Fictions in the Lowlands' 

Kunstfort Asperen & Kuntsfort bij VijFhuizen, 

The Netherlands (2015)  

‘Format Photography Festival’

Derby (2015)

‘Frames: Projecting International Photography’.

Glasgow (2014)

'You are the Company in Which You Keep' 

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

Sunderland (2013)

'Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography'

Belfast Exposed and the MAC

Belfast (2013)

'Nothing in the World But Youth'

Turner Contemporary

Margate (2011 - 2012) 

'Ways of Looking: Evidence'

Bradford International Photography Festival

Bradford (2011)

’Inkubator II: Bunker’

DLI Museum and Art Gallery

Durham (2009)

‘Tour Photographs’  (Featured in ‘War Memorial’ by Julian Germain)

Brighton Photo Biennial.  Aspex Gallery

Portsmouth (2008)

‘Left Right Left’

Hug Gallery for International Photography

Amsterdam (2006)

‘Made in Britain: Contemporary British Photography’

Huis Marseille and FOAM Institute

Amsterdam (2005)

‘Visions and Anxieties’

Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art  (Project Space)

Sunderland (2004)

‘Left Right Left’ & ‘Tour Photographs’

Baltic: Centre for Contemporary Art

Gateshead (2004)

'Year One: A Snapshot of Britain'  (Curated by Martin Parr)

The Photographers' Gallery

London (2001)



Self-Published Newspaper - Artist's Edition of 50 (2016)

'Format 15: Evidence’

Published by Quad/Format (2015)

'de Marseillaise: Fifteen Years of Collecting’

Published by Huis Marseille (2014)

‘Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography'

Published by Belfast Exposed and the MAC (2013)

'Evidence: Ways of Looking’

Published by Impressions Gallery (2011)   

'Nothing in the World But Youth

Published by Turner Contemporary Press (2011) 


Self-Published - Artist's Edition of 50 (2009)

‘Made in Britain: Contemporary British Photography’

Published by Huis Marseille & FOAM Institute (2005)  

'Left Right Left’

Published by PhotoNorth (2003)


Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Belfast Exposed, Belfast

Huis Marseille: Museum of Photography, Amsterdam


Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland




© Craig Ames 2019.  All rights reserved.

research is currently underway which is centred around artificial intelligence, machine learning and machine vision, as well as virtual and augmented realities and simulations.        

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New projects coming soon...

'Badges of Dishonour'

(exhibition and/or artist's book.  To be published in early/mid 2020)

'Back There'

(Reworked and presented for the first time as a self-published artist's book.  To be published in early/mid 2020)